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Root Cause Analysis App

Improve the problem-solving method that you use in your workplace to identify the root cause of a problem in real-time using this app. This app is designed to determine the relationship between different root causes of a problem, corrective analysis and solution. It allows you to capture detailed WHY’s, responsibility parties, corrective response, signatures and more. This app is sure to help the growth of your team and strengthen the relations between parties

The flow of the app:

The flow of the app is as follows:

1. It starts with the Root Cause Analysis form.

2. The document will get generated & send emails to the client. 


  1. Root Cause Analysis – Main Form
  2. Timeline of Events – Child
  3. The person involved and contact information – Child
  4. Root cause analysis – Child
  5. Analysis summary and corrective response – Child
Form NameFieldWidget Type
Root Cause Analysis
Country Text
City Text
Location/Facility/Property Text
OneViewRiskManagement incident number Text
Incident Start Date Date
Timeline of Events Child form
Persons Involved & Contact Information Child form
Root Cause Analysis – (“5 Whys” analysis) Child form
Analysis Summary and Corrective Action Child form
Is equipment failure is the reason for the event?Toggle
Root Cause Description resulting from the “5 Whys” analysis:text
Is there a workaround or temporary fix currently in place?Toggle
Describe the workaroundText
Describe the permanent corrective action (What? Who? When?)Text
Describe the Impact on Business continuity and periodicity of the same (when? why?)Text
Is a PPR or Forensic Investigation needed to determine the Root Cause or a Permanent Solution?Toggle
Meeting Information:Text
PPR Leader Name:Text
PPR Leader Designation:Text
Timeline of Events
Local DateDate
Local timeTime
Persons Involved & Contact Information
Family NameText
First NameText
Description/TitlePlain text
Home phonePhone
Mobile PhonePhone
Email addressEmail
Root cause analysis child
Immediate phenomenon descriptionText
Cause CategoryText
Cause DetailText
Standards existToggle
Analysis Summary and corrective response
Equipment DescriptionText
Serial NumberText

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