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Meter Reading App

Mobile Based Electric Meter Reading (MBEMR) is a complete IT solution for collecting voluminous data of electric meter users instantly.
MBEMR is the latest innovation for Mobile-based Electricity Meter Reading data collection. The comprehensive data collection suite is developed by Axonator Inc. offers data logging and two-sided communications capabilities using mobile devices.

Power Features

Axonator is a very powerful mobile form builder.

  1. Barcode & QR Code Scanner
  2. Image Capture with Annotation
  3. Real Time Report
  4. Easy Recording
  5. Offline access

Paper Forms to Digital Report

Digitizing your paper forms (with platforms like Axonator) results in more efficient data collection and richer, more accurate data. You can convert your existing paper forms to identical digital versions into PDF or Word documents.

Action Forms

Form nameTest 1
Form 2Test 2

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