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Inventory Management App


Use one App to capture all information needed for a complete, accurate inventory count: location, item number, description, current quantities on hand, etc. Combine the power of your smartphone with barcode scanning to save time and increase accuracy for your inventory list. Here are the common aims of manufacturing inventory management to keep in mind: 

  1. Improve the accuracy of your manufacturing and order fulfillment cycle; 
  2. Keep your inventory organized, using space to its full effect; 
  3. Cut down on waste like inventory carrying costs, and transport time; and 
  4. Save time and money by improving organization and lowering production time. 

Inventory management aligns all inventory types to the efficient creation of finished products and delivery to customers’ satisfaction.  

Inventory Information  ( Data Collection Form)

  1. Item No (Text Box)
  2. Product Name (choice List)
  3. Type Of Item  (Choice List)
    1. Raw Material 
    2. Semi-finished 
    3. Finished

4. Types of Goods (text Box)

Help Text : (what kind of Raw Material: steel, glass, aluminum, etc.), (For semi-finished how much it is completed % ) 

5. Location (choice List)

   1) Central Warehouse, 2)   Shop 1 , 3) Shop 2,4) Shop 3, 5)Shop 4. 

  6. Condition/ Quality  (choice List)

     A.Good, B. Excellent, C. Fair, D. Other [text box].

7. Vendor Name/Code  (choice List)

 8. Date of Inventory Check (Date and Time)

 9. Total Quantity Available  (text box)

10. Signature     ( Name and signature of a checker)

Inventory Management App Check-IN/ OUT (Action Form)

  1. Inventory Option (choice List)
    1. (Check-in/Check-out)
  2. Date and Time of Check-in/ out    (Date and Time)
  3. Product Name (Choice list) – Automatic 

 4. Stock Location (choice List)  

(A. Store  Room A, Shelf 4, B.  Basement, Shelf 6, C.  Outdoor Pallet )

5. Total Count   (Text box)  (Quantity ordered)  
6. Quantity/ Product Damaged Or Loss  (Text Box) (Quantity damaged while transportation)

7. Total  Available Count (Formula Widget) (Total Count of Stock)

8. Product Released to which department  (Choice List) (FOR CHECK-OUT ONLY)

9.  Product Released By ( choice List)                              (FOR CHECK-OUT ONLY) ( Agent name )

10. Quantity Loss (Text Box) (FOR CHECK-OUT ONLY)

Help Text : (Quantity missing from the stock  -if any)

11. Order Detail  ( Attachment )   (Purchase/sales Bill)

12. Signature ( Officer )

Reference Vendor Form

Vendor Name ( Text Box)

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  • Don’t use capital letters anywhere. Make a practice to write in a normal way.

    Changes in asset form:
    1.Remove group header: Inventory checklist ( Group Header)
    2.Mention the choice list of “Product Name (choice List)”
    3. You will have to create reference form of Vendor. Dont put word “reference” in select vendor widget: “Reference Vendor Name/Code (choice List)”

    Changes in action form:
    4. Ask someone how to calculate the quantity automatically using formula widget: “Total Available Count (Text Box) (Total Count of Stock)”

    Note: Today you have to build this app and complete with the testing.

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